Stay on Track with Your Credit Score in 2020: 5 Useful Credit Monitoring Apps

January 06, 2020

Working your way towards a good credit score is not easy, and, once you have one, it can be hard to maintain. From paying your bills on time, minimizing your debt, and keeping a low debt-to-credit ratio, there are many factors that contribute to your credit score. Not to mention, it is important to keep your credit score safe and secure. The constant tasks to make sure your credit score is going in the right financial direction can become overwhelming, and we could all use a little help managing this stress.

Let’s dig into 5 credit monitoring apps that can help you stay on track with building your credit score.


Free Mobile Apps


The app is completely free. It gives you access to your entire credit profile, including your credit score and insight into how it compares to others. Additionally, you can see the movement of your score. Take a look at how your score has changed, whether it went up or down, and why that happened. Plus, this app offers you money-saving tips and credit information that is tailored to your score. This app is a great resource if you are looking for guidance to grow, as well as keep a good credit score intact.


2. Credit Karma

The Credit Karma app is entirely free. From spotting identity theft to getting personalized loan and credit card recommendations, this app helps you make financial progress. You can check your credit score, learn what affects it, and how to take control. Their credit monitoring system helps you keep your personal information safe, plus you get credit alerts when important changes happen to your Equifax or TransUnion credit reports. One feature you can’t beat is the ability to browse credit card offers based on your unique credit file. On top of that, see which credit card and personal loan offers you’re more likely to get before applying. This doesn’t even cover them all, check out this mobile app online for more details.


Free mobile apps with a subscription

3. Experian

The Experian mobile credit monitoring app has a multitude of features. First, the app lets you track your Experian credit report and FICO score, with an automatically updated credit report every 30 days. The app also notifies you of changes to your credit report or score, as well as suggestions for credit cards based on your FICO score. This application is free, but for access to certain features, you must have a paid Experian account.


4. ScoreSense Score to Go

ScoreSense provides credit scores and reports from all three credit bureaus, plus daily credit monitoring and alerts about changes to your reports. The app also offers creditor contact information so you can be notified of errors in your report in order to fix them quickly and efficiently. The score tracking feature on this app lets you see how your score is doing, in addition to your peer’s score. A good reason to utilize this app is to protect your credit score, and fix it if something goes wrong. If you are able to stay on top of that, you will have a better chance of boosting your credit score. The app itself is free, but you must pay for a ScoreSense account.


5. myFICO

The myFICO app is free, however, you need to have an active myFICO account that costs $20 per month or more, depending on the features you use. This app gives you access to and monitoring of your FICO scores, which is the most widely used credit score, and credit reports. They also provide a FICO Score Simulator that shows you how your score may be affected if you take specific actions.


Download the apps on your device at any time to keep your information safe and secure, all while monitoring and improving your credit score!